Watertown City Manager react to negative publicity

WATERTOWN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- An anonymous email was sent to the Watertown City Council Members referencing an alleged dictation from City Manager Amanda Mack and Public Works Director Heath VonEye that said:

“Just wanted to make all the Councilmen aware that City Department heads and workers are under direct orders from Heath and Amanda that they cannot talk (to) Council Members. I will also let the media know about this.”

Watertown City Manager Mack:

City Manager Mack mentions the City of Watertown Home Rule Charter, most recently amended in 2021 and attached to the article.

City Manager Mack says staff employees have an avenue to bring issues.

City Manager Mack says there are positives to focus on.

Mack was asked if she felt any Council Members have, in a sense, gone behind her back with malicious intent to get information.

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