Watertown Library Board discuss issues involving the former director

WATERTOWN, S.D.(KXLG)- On Tuesday the Watertown Library Board of Trustees met to discuss what to do on a personnel issue with the previous Director Dee Dee Whitman.

Whitman was not present but called in to speak live over the phone. Board member Jean Moulton allowed Whitman to speak first.

Whitman says she felt denied her first amendment right to go to a library and talked about the code of conduct.

Whitman states she was wrongfully accused of alleged “harassment”.

The interim library Director said nothing states they have to warn her before the trespass order was put in place.

Dee Dee states she has been directed to call the ACLU, but she would instead not do that and that the Code of Conduct process was not handled properly.

City Manager Amanda Mack gave some background on the situation.

Mack says employee safety is one of the main concerns. She recommended they leave the no-trespass and extend it another 30 days.

Whitman brought up not wanting to exercise her ability to contact the Office of Intellectual Freedoms and ACLU. She also said, “I have no interest in contacting that person again.”

Board Member and Councilman Schutte motioned to leave the trespass in place and extend it for 30 days to be “reviewed” at 30 days; Board Member and School Board Member Jean Moulton seconded the motion.

It was unanimously approved to extend the no-trespass to 30 days with a roll call vote.