Watertown mayor shares thoughts on recent closures

WATERTOWN, S.D. (KXLG) – Many communities around the state are feeling the pain of losing some major retail businesses and nowhere is that more evident this week than Watertown where, in the last year, three major retailers have closed or have announced they’re closing. The most recent announcement is from Shopko. The retail chain had already announced the closure of other stores earlier and this week made it official they were closing the rest of their retail outlets around the country. That announcement at Watertown was preceded by other closures earlier, including Herberger’s and Penny’s.

Watertown Mayor Sarah Caron reacted to the announcement this week saying all communities are feeling the pain and that it really reflects a major change in the way the country is shopping. She says it has become more profitable for stores to provide on-line shopping than brick and mortar stores.

Caron says there is a retail shift in play across the nation and that the landscape 50 years from now may look completely different again

The Watertown Mayor and other city officials are planning to attend the ReCon convention in Las Vegas May 19 where the world’s leading retail businesses come together. She, along with other community leaders from around the country, will be there working to attract new retail business.