Watertown new mayor catches up with Denver Air Connection

WATERTOWN, S.D.(KXLG)- Watertown Mayor Elect Ried Holien has met for the first time with the new Denver Air Connection team. Denver Air was recently awarded the Watertown Essential Airline Contract, edging out SkyWest- United who had been serving the community for the past two years.  However, Holien says that SkyWest has informed the city that, despite losing the EAS bid, they’re  continuing their flights at Watertown. That means, for now at least, that two airlines will flying in and out of the Watertown terminal to Chicago and Denver on a daily basis.

Holien didn’t know how long the two competing airlines would be serving the community, but added, “we will make room for both at the Watertown terminal”.

Holien says a new air terminal, now under construction at the Watertown Airport, should alleviate passenger congestion.  The flight times for both airlines in and out of the Watertown Airport remain somewhat unknown, says the mayor elect.

Holien says that ticket prices for both airlines are expected to be very competitive and that, “having two airlines is a good problem to have.”