Watertown Police Department looking to add three officers

WATERTOWN, S.D. (KWAT) — The Watertown Police Department has been given the go ahead to apply for a federal Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Grant that would allow them to add up to three additional officers to their staff.

Police Chief Lee McPeek laid out the details before the city council Monday night.

He says they can use the extra bodies.

Assistant Police Chief Tim Toomey says adding more officers will pay other benefits.

Councilman Dan Albertsen was concerned about the cost to the city down the road when they’d be fully responsible for covering the cost of the new officers, especially at a time when the city is trying to figure out how to pay for other expensive projects, like a new ice arena.

Councilman Michael Heuer says police officers are more important than any projects on the city’s wish list.

Watertown currently has 37 police officers.