Wet year causes more grain bin safety problems

BROOKINGS, S.D. (WNAX) – There have been some accidents recently involving farmers getting caught in grain bins and suffocating. SDSU Extension Youth Farm Safety Specialist John (ky-mig) Keimig says the unusually wet year in 2019 caused a lot of wet grain to be stored. He says that’s caused more safety problems.

He says if you don’t have to enter the bin, don’t. Keimig advises doing what you can from the outside of the grain bin to get the grain unstuck.

Keimig says farmers need to make sure they have someone with them when they enter the grain bin, and to keep moving once inside and wear a mask to protect against grain dust getting in your lungs.

Keimig also advises farmers to make sure they work from the outside of the grain bin and stay away from the center. He adds it’s also important to have some type of harness on or at least a rope nearby you can grab onto.