Wholestone Foods & Minion merging

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.(KELO)- They haven’t changed their minds…it’s all about timing.

That’s the message of Wholestone Foods CEO and President Luke Minion.

He’s referring to a major Pork Processing plant the company wants to build in Northeast Sioux Falls.

Minion is working to overcome rumors that the company has changed its mind about building in Sioux Falls.

Minion says a merger involving Wholestone and market conditions have changed the timing of the project.

He believes it could be one of the largest economic development projects in state history.

The head of Wholestone foods is working to put an end to the rumors that the company has changed its mind about building a large pork processing plant in Sioux Falls.

Those rumors began swirling with the recent closure of a smaller plant the company built last year.

Wholestone President and CEO Luke Minion says market conditions and a recent merger involving the company changed the timing of things.

Former State Agriculture Secretary Walt Bones says the massive size of the project and swings in the economy have to be considered.

Minion says the company will be very transparent about its plans and any changes along the way.