Workers critical of management at Smithfield

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.(KELO)- Workers in the Smithfield Meat Packing Plant say they must wrestle with dangerous working conditions.

They say their production lines are understaffed and quotas remain the same.

Local Packing and Processing Union President BJ Motley.

Janitors at the Smithfield Meat Packing Plant make Gatorade in the hog kill department.

He says one janitor who refused to mix the drink in those conditions was placed on a seven-day suspension.

Smithfield workers at the Sioux Falls plant say all they want is good faith.

They say they’ve experienced unreasonable expectations and unsanitary conditions. news reached out to Smithfield for their response.

Smithfield Vice President of Corporate Affairs Jim Monroe responds to complaints from the local Sioux Falls union about working conditions.

Monroe says company hydration stations are not located near production lines and that they take all appropriate precautions.

He says Smithfield has adjusted production and related schedules to account for current staffing levels, contrary to the union’s allegations.

Monroe also says union leadership declined a recent invitation to discuss their concerns, and they have circulated an inaccurate depiction of working conditions.