Yankton School Board lift mask mandate, will following COVID-19 guidelines

YANKTON, S.D.(WNAX)- The Yankton School District has now dropped the mandatory face mask policy, but a Covid-19 policy is still in place.

The 4-1 vote came after several public comments were made attacking the policy and board members for supporting it, insinuating the decision was made to get federal grants.

Crandall says the pandemic infection numbers drove his decision.

Member Sarah Carda says it was not an easy decision.

Carda says there have been personal attacks over the policy.

Board President Dr. Jill Sternquist was the lone vote in favor of keeping the face mask policy in place.

Superintendent Wayne Kindle says they will still track students and staff that test positive for Covid-19.

Kindle says they have had good cooperation from parents.

Kindle says everyone is ready to move on from the worst of the pandemic.

County and state active infection numbers have shown a steep decline in the past few weeks.