Zebra mussels continue to be an issue

YANKTON, S.D.(WNAX)- Zebra mussels continue to cause problems at Gavins Point Dam on the Missouri River.

Gavins Point Operations Manager Tom Curran says they have been fighting the infestation for several years.

Curran says they have been working to keep the Zebras out of their systems.

Curran say they continue to watch for more shells to show up in their internal waterworks.

Regional fisheries supervisor Jake Davis told the Game, Fish and Parks Department Commission Thursday that they will again rely on public information and education.

Davis says they have many points of information to reach boaters.

Davis says they are seeing good results from their earlier efforts.

Davis says they still have funding available from a three hundred-thousand-dollar federal grant they got in 2020.

The Zebra mussels attach to any underwater structure and rapidly multiply, causing issues for water intakes and other users.