Zoning bill passes out of House State Affairs

PIERRE, S.D. (KJJQ) – Governor Kristi Noem’s bill to revise portions of the county zoning and appeals process passes out of House State Affairs on a 10-3 vote.

Among other changes, the measure would require a simple majority rather than a two-thirds vote of the county board for a conditional use permit.

It could also mean extra damages for those who bring zoning-based lawsuits that fail.

A large coalition of agriculture and business groups testified in favor of the bill. Among them, Brian Donahoe of the South Dakota Pork Producers Council. He says people should not be afraid of the simple majority provision in the bill.

Opponents argue it fast-tracks large scale development projects, particularly CAFO’s – concentrated animal feeding operations.

Yankton County Commissioner Dan Klimisch says it’s an attack on local control.

Representative Steven Haugaard of Sioux Falls voted against the bill. He has a problem with a simple majority of board members present making the decision.

SB 157 will now go to the full House for debate. It already passed the Senate.