Brown County Candidate Forum held Thursday at Pizza Ranch

ABERDEEN, S.D.(HubCityRadio)- For the second time in five days, the Brown County Commission candidates held a forum to address different issues.  The candidates for two open seats are Incumbent Commissioner Duane Sutton, challengers Kyler Dinger, & Michael Carlsen.

If you want to check the recap of the forum held at the K.O.Lee Library on Saturday, visit this’s news page.

This recap will focus on topics not discussed at Saturday’s forum starting with how to raise funds needed for infrastructure improvement at the Brown County Fairgrounds.

Commissioner Sutton discuss the idea of a new all purpose building that can be used for all seasons.

Michael Carlson suggests putting in more concerts especially during the spring & summer months.

Kyler Dinger agreed with what both candidates said.

Another topics discussed by the candidates was the idea of what a Republican should be in Brown County.

Commissioner Sutton believes party affiliation should be eliminated in county races.

Carlsen even though labeled as a Republican, wants to let the voters that he has more of an independent mindset.

Dinger believes there is a side to choose within the Republican Party.

The Republican Primary takes place on Tuesday, June 4th.  Early voting is happening now through June 3rd.